Jah Thomas ‎- Nah Fight Over Woman [1980]

Jah Thomas ‎- Nah Fight Over Woman [1980]

Jah Thomas ‎- Nah Fight Over Woman [1980]

Jah Thomas ‎- Nah Fight Over Woman [1980]

Released on Tads Records in 1980 this was Jah Thomas’s third album.

Despite being a local celebrity since the mid-70s, Jah Thomas found international fame with his first album ‘Stop Yuh Loafin’ when it was picked up by Greensleeves Records, a new label at the time that was founded by Chris Cracknell and Chris Sedgwick, and was based in West London. Greensleeves would go on to become an integral part of taking a wide roster of reggae and dancehall artists to international markets, and ‘Stop Yuh Loafin’ would also feature the first cover-art by Tony McDermott – another artist responsible for some of the most creative and distinctive reggae album art o.ver the years

The artwork here is another striking piece by Jamaal Pete, and features his detailed and colourful style and brush strokes.

The rear of the album is equally as impressive, featuring hand-drawn lettering for the tracklisting and other album details which gives a true artisan feel to the whole product.

The music itself is a pretty good set, not the best by Jah Thomas, but solid enough with heavy rhythm tracks from the Roots Radics band and deep mixing by Scientist.

1 Hear It In The News
2 Please Mr Officer
3 Stylee-Stylee
4 Nah Fight Over Woman
5 Have To Spend Me Hotel Fee
6 Mary Lou
7 Cocky & Pussy
8 Hotel No Lack
9 Morning Ride
10 Put It On Back


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