Josey Wales – Undercover Lover [1985]

Josey Wales - Undercover Lover

Josey Wales - Undercover Lover
Josey Wales - Undercover Lover [back cover]

Released in 1985 on Powerhouse Records, this is the Undercover Lover album by Josey Wales (spelt Jose Wales on the cover).

It features very distinctive artwork by the legendary Wilfred Limonious – the cover features Josey Wales kissing a topless woman (the woman also has ‘Handle with love’ stamped on the rear of her jeans – Limonious would often write text across his album art).

As usual for an 80s Limonious album cover, it features bright colours, hand-drawn cartoons, and comic style speech bubbles – the rear of this particular cover articulates a stark warning to Josey ‘The Colonel’ Wales with a cartoon woman stating: “Jose Wales, if you ever leave me for another girl, I’ll cut off your you know what!”

Josey Wales was one of Jamaica’s biggest DJs in the 1980s and his gruff, but melodic flow, coupled with snappy and witty lyrics created many classic hits – “Undercover Lover” was a huge hit single.

This is classic 1980s dancehall through and through – from the album cover to the music and the riddims. Greensleeves have just re-issued this album so make sure you check it out.

Track List:

  • Undercover Lover
  • Throw Me Corn
  • Pon Street Again
  • Jose Ready
  • Nuffy Nuffy
  • Love I Can Feel
  • Don’t Come Distress Me
  • Freeze Who Goes There
  • Come Watch The Sound
  • Rocking Time

Listen To It
Listen to ‘Undercover Lover’ by Josey Wales:
Try not singing along to this – it’s basically impossible….

Listen to ‘Throw Me Corn’ by Josey Wales::

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The Undercover Lover album has just been re-released, so you’ve got no excuse really….

Josey Wales live in Channel 1 Studio

Brilliant footage of Josey Wales in Channel 1 Studio working with Junjo Lawes on new material.

The info at the start of the video says that Josey Wales is only 27 when this film was taken. It also deems it necessary to state that his current car is a Honda Accord.

Anyway, sit back and enjoy this clip of a dancehall legend fully at home in his element:

Josey Wales live in Channel 1 Studio:

Yellowman versus Josey Wales – Two Giants Clash

Yellowman versus Josey Wales - Two Giants Clash

This is another pure classic reggae album cover. Released in 1984, Yellowman and Josey Wales had a side each of this album to showcase their talents, and at the time they were two of the biggest DJs in Jamaica and abroad.

I love the cartoon image of them clashing in the middle of the city and destroying it, in the tradition of those old Monster movies and B-Movies. The longer you look at the album cover your eye pulls more detail out (such as the bus going off the bridge at the bottom). Even the cracked and shaking font used for the title adds to the energy of this album cover. If this could be enlarged into a poster then my life would probably be a little bit more complete.

The album artwork is by Tony McDermott, who was the resident artist at Greensleeves records, and he was responsible for hundreds of reggae album covers (not just on Greensleeves Records either) that all bear the hallmark of his distinctive style. This is one of my favorite Tony McDermott sleeves – probably the best compliment I can pay him is that he is probably the UK equivalent of Wilfred Limonious with regard to the impact he left on Reggae album art.

Oh yeah, the music is great too – so get it.

1: Yellowman – Society Party
2: Yellowman – Strictly Bubbling
3: Yellowman – Mr Big Shot
4: Yellowman – King Of The Crop
5: Yellowman – Wrong Girl To Play With
6: Josey Wales – Bobo Dread
7: Josey Wales – Mi Have Fi Get You
8: Josey Wales – Cure For The Fever
9: Josey Wales – Jah A Mi Guiding Star
10: Josey Wales – Sorry To Say

The actual album has now been deleted but you can still find it on CD from time to time (I’ve seen it go for more than £30!) or available for download (it’s a must have on any reggae fan’s ipod). See below.

Listen To It

Listen to ‘Jah A Mi Guiding Star’ by Joesy Wales:

Listen to ‘Strictly Bubbling’ by Yellowman:

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