Junior Keatting ‎– Weekend Lover [1980]

Junior Keatting ‎– Weekend Lover [1980]

 Junior Keatting ‎– Weekend Lover [1980]

 Junior Keatting ‎– Weekend Lover [1980]

This is an incredible Jamaal Pete album design – basically everything here is hand drawn or painted, including the lettering on the rear sleeve.

Jamaal Pete was a Bronx native that used to hang around Brad’s Record Den, when the owner of the shop (Brad Osbourne) decided to launch Clocktower Records and gave Jamaal his first artistic break after recognizing his talents. Jamaal Pete went on to illustrate and create many distinctive artworks for reggae albums, and his style was instantly recognizable.

Jamaal Pete created rich, dense, and colourful artworks using paint and brush. His style was unique and distinctive – any serious reggae fan would be able to identify his work as easily as they would be able to identify a Wilfred Limonious drawing on an album sleeve.

This piece for Junior Keatting’s album ‘Weekend Lover’ (released in 1980 on Tad’s Records) is pretty amazing – Keatting is presented on a ‘wild west’ style wanted poster in a signature Jamaal Pete style. And like we mentioned, the rear of the sleeve, from layout to lettering has all been done by hand.

It’s a great vocal album too – the chances are that you probably won’t have heard much about Junior Keatting as he wasn’t a prolific artist and this is the only full album that is available…..plus not much has been heard from him since the 1980s. The good news is that this album has been remastered and is available in digital form. It is a great piece of work, with solid production from Jah Thomas and a heavy roots feel to it. You should make some time for it.

A1 Long Long Time
A2 Conquering Lion
A3 Jah Wrote Me A Letter
A4 Weekend Lover
A5 Watch What You Do
B1 Baby Please Be True
B2 Hang Up The Telephone
B3 Something Is Bugging Me
B4 Coming Of A Storm
B5 Dubbing Of A Storm


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