Sound System Scratch – Lee Perry’s Dubplate Mixes 1973 – 1979

Sound System Scratch - Lee Perry's Dubplate Mixes 1973 - 1979

Sound System Scratch - Lee Perry's Dubplate Mixes 1973 - 1979

Sound System Scratch - Lee Perry's Dubplate Mixes 1973 - 1979

Definitely at the ‘design’, as opposed to the ‘art’, end of the album sleeve scale.

During the 90s the Blood & Fire Record label emerged which lavished detail and care on re-issues of classic reggae and dub albums, they basically presented reggae albums with the reverence, sleeve-notes, and love that Jazz re-issues get. Shortly after Blood & Fire started releasing beautifully packaged albums, Pressure Sounds was born – another label that dedicated itself to re-issuing classic and forgotten reggae albums.

Album art and presentation was a big thing for both these labels, and they both utilised some excellent design led album sleeves. The album art here is credited to Ben Bailey.

This Lee Perry compilation is pretty good and worth tracking down. Some of the sonic experimentation is wonderful and despite the tracks originating from between 1973 to 1979 many still sound futuristic even today. The world isn’t short of Lee Perry compilations, and adding another to the pile seems pointless – but the selections here are great, all mostly rare dubplates, and not that readily accessible via other releases….so no complaints here.

1. Dub Plate Pressure – Lee Perry
2. Lama Lava Mix One – Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters
3. Groove Dubber – The Upsetters
4. Groove Rider – The Upsetters
5. Jucky Skank – The Upsetters
6. Chim Cherie – The Upsetters
7. The Rightful Organiser – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
8. Stagger – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
9. Big Neck Cut – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
10. Zeal Of The Lord – The Upsetters
11. Dub Of The Lord – The Upsetters
12. Returning Wax – The Upsetters
13. Bushdub Corntrash – Winston Wright & The Upsetters
14. From Dub Four – Clive Hylton & The Upsetters
15. Roots Train Number Two – Junior Murvin & The Upsetters
16. Locks In The Dublight – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
17. Moonlight Version – The Upsetters
18. Dub History – Carlton Jackson & The Upsetters
19. Groovy Dub – Keith Rowe & The Upsetters
20. Living Dub – Keith Rowe & The Upsetters


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Lee Perry and The Upsetters – Super Ape [1976]

Super Ape

Super Ape

A bonafide classic in every sense.

By 1976, Lee “Scratch” Perry was well established at his Black Ark studio and was churning out totally unique music and productions.

The Upsetters released “Super Ape” in 1976 and it still sounds original and fresh today. As well as being one of the best dub albums of all time, this album also transcends it’s genre so that even people who do not usually like reggae can appreciate the otherworldly and unique production of this brilliant record. Quite simply it’s a brilliant and inventive piece of music.

Super Ape was essentially a dub album of Lee Perry’s finest 1976 rhythms and vocal productions, from Devon Irons’ “When Jah Come” and the Blue Bells’ “Come Along”, to Max Romeo’s “War in a Babylon” and “Chase the Devil.” All the tracks are twisted, de-constructed, re-invented, and covered in a dark and sinister atmosphere.

It also has one of the single greatest reggae album covers of all time. Seeing a hand-drawn picture of spliff-smoking ape trashing the world never wears off for me. I love the B-Movie style horror font used for the words ‘Super Ape’, and the ‘Blacker Than Dread’ postage stamp. The whole thing almost has a Marvel comics fell about it

The Jamaican release for this album had different artwork and a slightly different track listing (Jamaican artwork below), but it’s the global release from Island records that I’m focusing on here.

Jamaican Artwork for Super Ape:
More ‘Lion’ than ape-like, but still a striking cover.
Super Ape Jamaican cover

Track Listing:
1: Zion’s Blood
2: Croaking Lizard
3: Black Vest
4: Underground
5: Curly Dub
6: Dread Lion
7: Three in One
8: Patience
10: Dub Along
11: Super Ape

If you don’t have this album then I strongly urge that you get it. If this page helps some of you to pick this album up, become captivated by it, and carry it around with you wherever you go, then I’ll be happy.

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