Leroy Smart ‎– Impressions Of Leroy Smart [1977]

Leroy Smart ‎– Impressions Of Leroy Smart [1977]

Leroy Smart ‎– Impressions Of Leroy Smart [1977]

Leroy Smart ‎– Impressions Of Leroy Smart [1977]

‘Impressions of Leroy Smart’ was released in 1977 on UK based record label Burning Sounds.

The artwork was by Tyrone Whyte, a UK based artist who was a long time collaborator with Burning Sounds, as well as creating artwork for other reggae release on other UK labels.

It is a wonderfully surreal and interesting piece of album art. The cover features a gambling table, Leroy Smart appearing in the middle of the record sleeve, and the rear oddly jumps to Leroy Smart in a spacesuit in a 2001 Space Odyssey type scene (complete with Jamaican flag on the spacesuit).

We can only assume that the sleeve is taking inspiration from a couple of tracks on the album, notably “Gambling” and “Man Of Future”.

It’s wonderful stuff, exactly the sort of artwork that we’d personally like to see more of these days.

Music Is Sweet
Jah Is My Future Guide
Don’t Let Me Down
Man Of Future
In This Time
Rasta Man
Back Out Weak Heart
You I Can’t Forget
Do You Remember
Rasta Time

We have never really been the biggest Leroy Smart fan, no particular reason other than not really taking to his voice, but the work on show here is really good. This is a deep roots album with some great productions, include a great version of Yabby You & Wayne Wade’s ‘Man of the Living‘ – re-cut here as the track ‘Rasta Man‘.


Listen to ‘Man Of Future’ by Leroy Smart:

Listen to ‘Rasta Man’ by Leroy Smart:


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Leyroy Smart With Roots Radix And Friends [1983]

Leyroy Smart With Roots Radix And Friends [1983]

Leyroy Smart With Roots Radix And Friends [1983]

Leyroy Smart With Roots Radix And Friends [1983]

‘Leyroy Smart with Roots Radix And Friends’ was released in 1983 on Vista Sounds Records. Vista Sounds, in my opinion at least, had an inconsistent approach in the album art they put out and veered between using some great photography and artwork….and stuff like this. Maybe this this looked cutting edge in the 80s? Probably unlikely.

Some great idiosyncratic spelling and inconsistencies between how the artist’s name is spelled on the sleeves vs how they are spelled on the track list on the rear.

The album art and sleeve design is credited to Jacqueline Rathbone-Jones, who was also responsible for a number of other reggae album sleeves in Vista Sounds catalogue.

The album itself is a compilation featuring artists like Leroy Smart, Jah Mike, George Brown, Earl Cunningham, and more.

A1 Leroy Smart – I Am The One
A2 Earl Cunningham – Is There A Place
A3 Twin Sisters – Big Brothers
A4 Roots Radix – Roots Radix Patrolling
A5 George Brown – Lets Make Love
B1 Leroy Smart Let Me Love You
B2 Roots Radix – Pussy Rat
B3 Sasafras – She Need Me
B4 Jah Mike – Crucial
B5 Leroy Smart – Too Much Pressure


Listen to ‘I Am The One’ by Leroy Smart:

Listen to ‘Is There A Place ‘ by Earl Cunningham:

Leroy Smart – Let Everyman Survive [1979]

Leroy Smart - Let Everyman Survive

Leroy Smart dishing out the dollars to the neighbourhood with a jaunty stance. But wait a minute, what’s that – tie dyed jeans, or has a pen leaked in his pocket? Nope, the jeans look way too tight to allow a pen to be squeezed into the pocket, must be tie dyed.

This album was recorded at the Channel One Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, and was released in 1979 on GGs Records. It has since been re-released via the Jamaican Gold label.

Leroy Smart basically split himself between love songs and roots songs throughout his career, and interestingly, more than any other singer, he divides some reggae fans that I know who either love or hate him.

Let Everyman Survive fluctuates between love songs and roots tracks.

Track Listing:

  • Sugar In My Coffee
  • Jah Is At Hand
  • I Still Pray
  • If You Want My Love
  • Live Up Right
  • Let Everyman Survive
  • Collie Give Me Wisdom
  • You Are Mine
  • Black And White
  • You Never Need Me

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Listen to ‘I still Pray’ by Leroy Smart:

Listen to ‘Sugar in my Coffee’ by Leroy Smart:

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