Star Wars Dub – Phil Pratt [1978]

Star Wars Dub

Star Wars Dub

star wars dub [label]

This is pure late 70s bandwagon jumping – but what a way to do it!

This is an ultra-rare dub recording from producer Phil Pratt that was released on Burning Sounds in 1978.

The album cover is a total fanboy masterpiece that sees two subjects that attract their fair share of anorak-type obesssives, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Dub’, and both collide in an explosion of striking artwork. The album sleeve credits the art to ‘Standard Man’, however there is nothing standard about the album artwork. Love it.

Track Listing:

  • African Communication
  • Which Clapp
  • Star Wars
  • Side Walk Rider
  • Tower Dub
  • Stay Loose
  • Con-Man
  • Concertman
  • Roffa Yet

Good luck with finding this anywhere now – copies often pop up on ebay and sell quickly (and expensively). However, if you do own a copy, take a photo and post it in the comments – we’d like to see it (even if nobody else does).

Listen To It
Listen to Con-Man from Star Wars Dub:

Listen to ‘African Communication’ from Star Wars Dub: