Jah Marcus – Words In Dub

Words In Dub

Words In Dub

Jah Marcus - Words In Dub record

This is as minimal as you’ll get from a reggae album cover – and it looks great. The dark blue font really looks slick over the silvery-blue background cover.

Words In Dub is a bit of a mysterious record – it was essentially not credited to any artist and was released on Jah Marcus Records sometime between 1979 and 1981.

The album contains 8 dub tracks that are produced by Phillip ‘Fully’ Fullwood & Winston McKenzie. Released in the US only, this album has a tough and thick dub sound to it, often hypnotic – the sound is reminiscent of some of the Wackies output (another US based producer) – sadly this album is exceedingly hard to find now.

Track List:

  • Words
  • Africa Rock
  • Terror
  • Muzorewa And Yusuluke
  • Jah Say Love
  • Reorganizing The Race (Marcus Say)
  • Hotter Fire Inn Babylon
  • Bubbling

Listen To It
Listen to Words of Dub – Bubbling:

Listen to Words In Dub – Hotter Fire In Babylon:

Listen to Words In Dub – Africa Rock: