Pluto – Ramgoat

pluto ramgoat

A touching moment between man and goat.

Or is Pluto Shervington on all fours trying to establish alpha-male authority by engaging in a butting contest with the goat and this photo captures the moment of impact?

Regardless of what is taking place on the record sleeve, if the lyrics to ‘Ramgoat Liver’ are anything to go by, we can only assume that things ended badly for the goat and Pluto won:

“Ram goat liver good fi mek mannish water / Billy goat teeth mek the earring for you daughter / Curried goat lunch put de bite in your bark / It mek you daughter … It mek you daughter walk and talk”

This is Pluto Shervington’s 1974 album ‘Ramgoat Liver’ on Wildfire Records.

Track List:

  • Jambalaya
  • Letter From Miami
  • Rock The Boat
  • Ramgoat Liver
  • Six Pence
  • I Shot The Sheriff
  • Never Ending Song Of Love
  • Here And Know
  • Kung Fu Fighting
  • Knotty Dread

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