Prince Buster – Wreck A Pum Pum [1968]

Prince Buster wreck a pum pum

Prince Buster wreck a pum pum

“Welcome To Jamaica” indeed – trapped liked a rabbit in the headlights of Buster’s ‘Pum Pum’ aiming sights; was this posed for or was it a gonzo ‘street photo’ where one of the ‘All Stars’ jumped out and snapped her?

Either way, she looks genuinely worried and the photo gives off a tangible sense of fear; don’t wreck it Buster, you may want to use it again at some point in the future.

This was first released in 1968 on FAB Records, and depending on your viewpoint it you’ll find it either a cheeky and bawdy collection of fantastic rocksteady dance tunes, or a collection of slightly misogynistic but fantastic rocksteady dance tunes.

Our opinion: A wonderful collection of 1960s slackness fun.

Prince Buster could teach the 2Live Crew a thing or two when he is in his ‘slackness’ mode, as he is here.

Track Listing:

  • A1 Wreck A Pum Pum
  • A2 Wreck A Buddy
  • A3 Rough Rider
  • A4 Pum Pum A Go Will You
  • A5 Whine And Grine
  • A6 Ten Commandments
  • B1 Beg You Little More
  • B2 Pussy Cat Bite Me
  • B3 Pharaoh House Crash
  • B4 The Abeng
  • B5 Train To Girls’ Town
  • B6 Stir The Pot

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Listen to ‘Wreck A Pum Pum’ by Prince Buster. Gotta love those horns…

Listen to ‘Rough Rider’ by Prince Buster:

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Pretty tough to find now, but CD’s often pop up online, so it’s worth checking these links:


Prince Buster – FABulous Greatest Hits

Prince Buster - FABulous Greatest Hits

This has been released a couple of times (including in 1993), although all the tracks on the album date from as far back as 1963. It’s a great compilation of some of Prince Buster’s greatest hits, including a couple of cuts as Buster as his alter-ego ‘Judge Dread’ dispensing hard justice to the Rude-Boys.

The album cover is pretty non-descript and is certainly not goning to win any design awards. BUT, the album is brilliant! This is a classic example of Reggae Album sleeves not doing justice to the music.

The UK band Madness named themselves after the Prince Buster track of the same name.

Track Listing:

  • Madness
  • Al Capone
  • Wash Wash
  • God Son
  • Its Burkess Law
  • 10 Commandments
  • Blackhead Chineman
  • 30 Pieces Of Silver
  • Hard Man Fe Dead
  • Earthquake
  • Judge Dread
  • Ghost Dance
  • Take It Easy
  • Too Hot
  • My Girl
  • This Is A Hold Up
  • Shaking Up Orange Street
  • Big Five
  • Rough Rider
  • Wreck A Pum Pum
  • Julie On My Mind
  • Pharaoh House Crash
  • Tie The Donkeys Tail
  • Finger

Sadly much of Prince Buster’s back catalogue has yet to be digitised and made widely available. Buster is probably losing a slice of cash as fans need to turn to P2P networks to download his back catalogue. However, thankfully more and more of his albums are becoming available for download.

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Listen to ‘Madness’ by Prince Buster:

Listen to ‘Judge Dread’ by Prince Buster:

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Prince Buster – Sings His Hit Song “Ten Commandments” [1967]

Prince Buster - Sings His Hit Song "Ten Commandments"

Prince Buster is looking scrubbed up and glossy here – the reason being is that this was arranged by RCA records who wanted to get the album out to capitalize on Prince Buster’s tour of the USA in 1967. Which probably goes some way to explain why it looks almost like a country or gospel album cover.

10 Commandments became a huge hit for Buster and remains a popular song to this day….even though the lyrics may seem somewhat dated in this day and age (lyrics below):

Lyrics to 10 Commandments:
Theses are the ten commandments from man
Given to woman
Through the inspiration of I, Prince Buster

Thou shall have no other man but me

Though shall not encourage no man to make love to you
Neither kiss or caress you
For I am your man, a very jealous man
And is ready to lay low any other man who may intrude on our love

Remember to kiss and caress me
Honor and obey me, in my every whim and fancy
Seven days a week and twice on Sundays
Because at no time will I ever be tired of I-T “it”

Honor my name, so that every other woman may honor it also

Thou shall not provoke me to anger
Or my wrath will descend upon you heavily

Commandment Six,
Thou shall not search my pockets at night
Or annoy me with your hearsays

Commandment Seven,
Thou shall not shout my name in the streets
If I am walking with another woman
But wait intelligently until I come home
Then we can both have it out decently
For I am your man, a funny man
And detest a scandal in public places

Commandment Eight,
Thou shall not drink, or smoke
Nor use profane language
For those bad habits I will not stand for

Thou shall not commit adultery
For the world will not hold me guilty if I commit murder

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s dress
Nor her shoes, nor her bureau, nor her bed, nor her hat
Nor anything that’s hers
Neither shall thou call my attention to anything that may be for sale
In any stores, for I will not give thee anything
But what you actually need for your purpose

These are the ten commandments from man
Given to woman
By me, Prince Buster

Woah – twice on a Sunday! Prince Buster clearly laughs in the face of ‘a day of rest’.

Track Listings
1. Ten Commandments
2. I Won’t Let You Cry
3. Is Life Worth Living
4. Ain’t That Saying a Lot
5. Here Comes the Bride
6. Girl, Answer to Your Name
7. Ten Commandments from Woman to Man – Prince Buster,
8. Wings of a Dove
9. Smart Countryman
10. Tongue Will Tell
11. They Got to Come

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