Prince Far I – Voice Of Thunder

Prince Far I - Voice Of Thunder

Prince Far I - Voice Of Thunder
If God had a voice, made records, and did album covers – then this is probably what it would all end up like.

This is the Trojan Records release of Prince Far I’s ‘Voice of Thunder’ from 1981.

Track listing:

  1. Ten Commandments
  2. Tribute To Bob Marley
  3. Hold The Fort
  4. Every Time I Hear The Word
  5. Head Of The Buccaneer
  6. Shall Not Dwell In Wickedness
  7. Give I Strength
  8. Kingdom Of God
  9. Coming In From The Rock
  10. Skinhead

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Listen to ‘Coming In From The Rock’ by Prince Far I

Listen to ‘Head of the Buccaneer’ by Prince Far I

Prince Far I – Showcase in a Suitcase [1980]

Prince Far I - Showcase in a Suitcase

In the professional world of ‘reggae album cover design’, a complete lack of design skill and the total inability to spell does not mean you cannot succeed in your chosen field. The willingness to try counts for far more than any design qualification ever will.

“Prince Far I Meet Veros Artis – In Ram Packed Showcase In A Suitcase” – What more do you want from an album cover? This has everything. A hand-drawn suitcase, what looks like a hand-drawn title, cut and paste lettering, and spelling mistakes. ‘Vero Artists’ = ‘Various Artists’ I’d assume.

Track Listing:

  • Prince Far I & Ashanti Roy – Throw Away Your Gun
  • The Roots Radics – Buds Bush
  • Prince Far I & The Wailing Souls – How Love Devine
  • The Roots Radics – Lovers Rock
  • Prince Far I & Ashanti Roy – If You Want To Know Your Friend
  • The Roots Radics – Farm Duck
  • Naggo Morris – Can’t Take Su Su Pon Dread
  • The Roots Radics – Prince Far I Dub
  • Prince Far I & Naggo Morris – Mighty Ruler
  • The Roots Radics – Jah Do That

Despite the crappy, but charming album sleeve, this album has got some killer heavy roots cuts on it. The opening track, “Throw Away Your Gun” is one of my all time DJ tracks. This album is hard to find, but many of the tracks are available on other compilations.

Listen To It
Listen to ‘Throw Away Your Gun’ by Prince Far I:

Listen to ‘Mighty Ruler + Version’ by Naggo Morris & Prince Far I:

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