Prince Jammy Presents Osbourne In Dub [1983]

Prince Jammy Presents Osbourne In Dub [1983]

Prince Jammy Presents Osbourne In Dub [1983]

Prince Jammy Presents Osbourne In Dub [1983]

The sleeve design here is credited to C More Tone, and it is a garish assault on the eyes, albeit it pretty effective in grabbing your attention. The rear of the sleeve features the following message “This is the sequel to the earlier Prince Jammy Dub LP Uhuru in Dub (CSLP 2) and features hard rhythms from some of the best titles produced by Jammy for the great Johnny Osbourne.

Released on UK reggae label CSA Records, this early 80s dub album sees Prince Jammy mixing some dubs from well-known Johnny Osbourne tracks like Water Pumping.

This is a decent dub album, and the early 80s dancehall rhythms lend themselves well to be remixed and layered in echo and effects.

1. Loving Tonight
2. Reggae Stylee
3. Dance Dub
4. Jah Is With You
5. Chopping Dub

1. Pumping
2. Double Trouble
3. See No Evil
4. Pure Is The Soul
5. Rise Up


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Gregory Isaacs – Slum In Dub [1978]

Gregory Isaacs - Slum In Dub [1978]

Gregory Isaacs - Slum In Dub [1978]

Gregory Isaacs - Slum In Dub [1978]

First released in 1978 on Burning Sounds records, this is ‘Slum in Dub‘ by Gregory Isaacs.

This is a raw dub album with loads of reverb and echo throughout, and Gregory Isaacs isn’t really present on the recording at all. This is basically a set of dub tracks from his Cool Ruler (iTunes / Amazon) album interspersed with some tracks from Ranking Dread’s Kunte Kinte Roots album, that have been mixed by Prince Jammy, with The Revolutionaries on the rhythm section, and recorded at Channel One.

The release came with some lovely artwork – the covers shows a drawing of a slum setting, with a man hunched down by the drainpipe, and a naked woman in the window. The rear of the sleeve extended the artwork with an image of hope symbolized by the sun shining though a small hole in an overcast sky.


Public Eyes
Reform Institution
Tam Tam
Leggo Beast


Listen to ‘Slum in Dub’ by Gregory Isaacs:


Dubbing In The Back Yard – King Tubby and The Aggrovators [1982]

Dubbing In The Back Yard - King Tubby and The Aggrovators [1982]

Dubbing In The Back Yard - King Tubby and The Aggrovators [1982]
What’s not to love about this album cover? The ‘Bunny’ has escaped from his hutch and is chilling with his briefcase in the garden.

“Dubbing In The Back Yard” was a 1982 release on UK based “Black Music” record label – which goes someway in explaining the cover photo for this Dub album. The photo shows Bunny Lee relaxing in a garden that looks like it must have been taken in England…..the rabbit hutch and the tower block in the background is a bit of a giveaway.

Despite the title, King Tubby was not at the controls for this Dub release; the music was mixed at Tubby’s studio, but the actual production was all done by Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee with Prince Jammy on mixing duties.

This dub album includes some nice heavy roots tracks, with a few bass-heavy excursions into early 80s dancehall versions of riddims like the ‘Johnny Dollar riddim’ (‘Natural Glow’).


  • A1 Relaxing Mood
  • A2 Adventure
  • A3 Summers Eve
  • A4 Warm Weather
  • A5 Easy Mood
  • B1 Natural Glow
  • B2 Plantation Run
  • B3 Hot Weather
  • B4 Mountain Rains
  • B5 Hideaway

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Prince Jammy – Prince Jammy Destroys The Invaders [1982]

Prince Jammy - Prince Jammy Destroys The Invaders

This Prince Jammy dub album came out in 1982 on Greensleeves Records and the artwork was created by Tony McDermott.

In the early 1980s, Scientist had a series of dub albums released on Greensleeves that all featured striking cartoon covers showing Scientist defeating space invaders, vampires, or winning the World Cup (covers that will be featured on this blog in due time) – Tony McDermott was the artist behind them all, and on this cover he portrays Prince Jammy iondefending a planet from an invasion of the original computerised Space Invaders.

Musically it’s a great album, with plenty of killer dubs and great sound effects. Well worth picking up.

Track Listing:

  • Conspiracy On Neptune
  • Martian Encounter
  • Saturn Bombardment
  • Attack On Ganymede
  • War In The Asteroid Belt
  • The Great Red Spot
  • Life On Uranus
  • Final Destruction

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Prince Jammy – Kamikazi Dub [1979]

Prince Jammy - Dub Kamikazi

Well worth adding to your collection if you are looking for classic dub albums. This album came out of King Tubby’s studios in 1979 and was released on Trojan Records. Prince Jammy is at the controls with an all-star band (Sly & Robbie, Ansel Collins, Bingy Bunny, Chinna, et al) laying down the tracks.

Recorded at Channel One Studios and mixed at King Tubby’s, this is an often overlooked dub album, and is well worth buying or downloading if you can find a copy or file of it.

Love the cover – anyone know what film the sleeve designer has taken the kung-fu fighter from?

Track Listing:

  • Throne Of Blood
  • Brothers Of The Blade
  • Shoalin Temple
  • Kamikazi
  • Oragami Black Belt
  • Fist Of Fury
  • Opium Den
  • Swords Of Vengeance
  • Downtown Shanghai Rock
  • Waterfront Gang War

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Pretty tough to find this actual album now, but copies sometimes pop up on Amazon, and many of the tracks are available as downloads on various Prince Jammy compilation albums.