Sluggy Ranks – Just Call Sluggy [1987]

Just Call Sluggy

Just Call Sluggy

Despite being born in Jamaica, Sluggy Ranks arguably made his biggest impact in the New York reggae and dancehall scene in the late 80s and early 90s.

Sluggy’s musical style was firmly entrenched in the dancehall, but he cultivated a unique sing-jay style that also saw him recording a number of socially aware and conscious tunes.

‘Just Call Sluggy’ was released in 1987 on Music Master Records and collects together 10 vocal dancehall tracks.

Sluggy Ranks sadly died in a car crash in Jamaica in 2012.

A1 95° Black
A2 Younger Generation
A3 Just Call Sluggy
A4 Draeming
A5 Road Block
B1 Rough Wine
B2 My Jah Jah
B3 Gimmie Mi Lover
B4 You Got It All
B5 Wages Of Sin


Listen to ‘Wages of Sin‘ by Sluggy Ranks:

Listen to ‘95% Black’ by Sluggy Ranks:


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