Dennis Alcapone – Forever Version [1971]

Dennis Alcapone - Forever Version

You don’t mess with Dennis Alcapone’s home security system. Gangsters may brag about ‘packing heat’, but Alcapone never goes anywhere without his mobile cannon.

Dennis “Alcapone” Smith was one of the few DJs in Jamaica capable of giving the great U Roy any competition. His smooth singing style of toasting is brilliantly captured on this album that also features the singing of such Studio One greats as the Wailers, the Heptones, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, and John Holt. The album was produced by Coxsone Dodd.

This is a great album cover – Alcapone looks like he’s been caught in the act of trying to light that cannon. Also….the pink hat! Nothing says “Don’t fuck with me and my cannon” than a pink trilby.

Track Listing:

  • Nanny Version
  • Run Run
  • Riddle I This
  • Baby Version
  • Sunday Version
  • Version I Can Feel
  • Forever Version
  • Baby Why Version
  • Dancing Version
  • Midnight Version
  • Sweet Talking Version
  • Version You To The Ball

Seriously, it’s a great album and any collection should have this as a keystone in it.

It’s got some incredible rhythms full of frantic bouncing basslines – check out Nanny Version (which is Alcapone’s DJ cut of Larry Marshall’s ‘Nanny Goat’), or ‘Baby Why Version’ (Alcapone’s take of the The Cable’s ‘Baby Why’).

Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton called this album “A defining moment in Jamaican deejay history, the tunes Dennis chose for his Studio One album are all bonafide dancehall classics” in their “Reggae: 100 Essential CDs – the Rough Guide”.

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Listen to ‘Forever Version’ by Dennis Alcapone.

Listen to ‘Run Run’ by Dennis Alcapone:

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Horace Andy – Skylarking [Studio One 1969]

This album is so great we are showing the front and back of the record sleeve.

Horace Andy - Skylarking (Studio One 1969)
Horace Andy - Skylarking (Studio One 1969) Back View

Horace Andy released his classic ‘Skylarking’ album on Studio One for Coxsone Dodd – the term ‘skylarking’ refers to people not taking things seriously, something that Horace Andy is not guilty of on this record.

I really like this cover, it has a similar look and feel to US gospel album covers from the 1960s – and you can’t argue with Horace’s outfit, those creases are razor sharp. I also like the setting chosen for the photography and the concrete ribcage structure in the background.

Anyway, on to the music – it’s basically a great collection of Andy’s earlier hits that were all aggregated onto one album for release at the time. It features many of the all-time classic tracks that made him famous, all sung in his unique fragile and haunting vocal style.

If you only get one Horace Andy album, then this should provide all you need.

Track Listing:

1 Where do the children play
2 Just say who
3 Love of a woman
4 Skylarking
5 Mammie blue
6 Please don’t go
7 Every tongue shall tell
8 Something on my mind
9 See a man’s face
10 Don’t cry
11 I’ll be gone
12 Got to be sure

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Listen to ‘Skylarking’ by Horace Andy:

Listen to ‘Love of a Woman’ by Horace Andy:

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Sadly this album is pretty hard to find now and it hasn’t yet been digitized as a single release, however, the good news is that most of the tracks from it can be found on some killer Horace Andy compilation albums that are all readily available for download.