Tradition – Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol [1980]

Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol - Tradition

Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol - Tradition

This is probably the sort of album cover that probably forced many an impulse purchase from young crate-diggers in record shops all over the UK in the 1980s.

Not saying it’s a great cover – but what it lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in raw eye-catching power.

‘Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol’ was released by Tradition in 1980 on the Venture Records label in the UK. Tradition released a couple of dub albums in the 80s, and Venture Records had a sporadic output during their time – they did release a couple of 7″ singles from the likes of Horace Andy and Big Joe in the late 70s.

This is probably their most memorable (the cover alone sees to that) record, and it has a uniquely British sound. The album feels more like a dub chill-out album, as opposed to a raw Jamaican dub album – and it is loaded with echo and sound effects (from sci-fi sounds, to what sounds like Hammer Horror sound effects).

It’s not a bad album by any means, just don’t expect a heavy instrumental dub album.


  • A1 The Breathtaking Blast
  • A2 Subaquatic Swerves
  • A3 Alien Circus
  • A4 The Creepy Crawl
  • B1 Frenzied Friends And Friends
  • B2 Morning On Mars
  • B3 Planet Play
  • B4 Laser Games
  • B5 Rocket Repairs
  • B6 Escape And Return

Unless you frequent record fairs, you are probably not going to find this album anywhere now. We have embedded some links below so you can listen to it.

Listen To It

Listen to ‘Planet Play’ by Tradition:

Here is a 35 minute mix of most of the album: