Barry Brown – Cool Pon Your Corner [1980]

Barry Brown - Cool Pon Your Corner

You just know he’d be the first one up and dancing at a party. After a few too many drinks his jerky dancing would probably knock over a vase and smash it and you’d have to send him home.

This is Barry Brown’s 1980 release on Trojan Records called “Cool Pon Your Corner” and despite the lighthearted album cover this is a heavy roots album from start to finish that features a blend of conscious tracks and love longs.

We are still looking for readers to attempt to create some of these covers and send them in to us, so we can post them on the relevant page. “Reggae Album Covers Recreated” would open up a whole new dark niche on the internet….

Track Listing:

  • Cool Pon Your Corner
  • Get Closer To You Baby
  • Please Officer
  • Moving On To The Promised Land
  • I Love You So
  • Your Love Is Real
  • Jah Jah Fire
  • Look Into Yourself
  • Promises
  • Youths Of The Ghetto

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The Pioneers – Roll On Muddy River [1977]

The Pioneers - Roll On Muddy River

The Pioneers - Roll On Muddy River

This is a beautiful cover and it’s a real shame that you rarely see such photos used on reggae album covers these days. This was released in 1977 on Trojan Records.

The sleeve artwork shows a photo of the river Niger in Western Africa. Stunning.

The music itself is comprised of the tight vocal harmonies that you’d expect from The Pioneers. The Pioneers had a number 42 hit in the UK charts had a number 42 1980 with the track “Long Shot Kick de Bucket”.

Track Listing:

  • Starvation
  • Roll Muddy River
  • You Don’t Know Like I Know
  • Get Ready
  • Sha La La
  • Reggae Fever
  • My Special Prayer
  • Over And Over
  • Nine Pound Steel
  • Sweet Inspiration
  • Everything Nice
  • Sweet Number One

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King Sighter – The One Eyed Giant [1978]

King Sighter - The One Eyed Giant

King Sighter - The One Eyed Giant (back)

How can you not love this? I’ve never been able to work out if the innuendo of ‘One Eyed Giant’ was intentional, or if I was just being crude. He has got an eye-patch after all.

This was released in 1978 on Trojan Records and was produced by Phil Pratt with the Soul Syndicate used as the backing band. A version of this album was also released on Jet Set records with a slightly different track order, but the cover was bland in comparison to this. King Sighter was a veteran Jamaican toaster/DJ and would often dress up as a pirate or a king (as seen here), and why not.

This album is sometimes seen listed as ‘Master of All’ – but it is the essentially the same album.

Track Listing :

  • High Rank Something
  • Dollar Fe A Refer
  • I’m Alright
  • Master Of All
  • Brand New Fashion
  • Shining Star
  • Roll On
  • Another Scorcher
  • Check Mister Foster

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Lizzard – Satta I [1976]

Lizzard - Satta I

First reader submission from ‘Void’ who picks a classic entry and a tough, tough album. There is a lot of love for this album and it’s well overdue a re-release as it’s near impossible to find now.

Void writes:
This is about as rich and excellently designed as reggae album covers come. Released in 1976, Clive Hunt (aka Lizzard), captured that rural, shed-production type quality about this album, but the cover is simply magnificent for such an obscure album. I’d be lucky if I were to ever find a copy of this anywhere, but this is an entrancing masterpiece of a cover, and just about as good as they come.

This album was released on Trojan Records in 1976 and the artwork is credited to Norman Beckett.

Track Listing:

  1. Coloured Face
  2. Jah Jah Bless I
  3. Milk And Honey
  4. Jehosaphat
  5. No Peace
  6. I Thiopians
  7. Fight I Down
  8. Lady Of The Night
  9. Satta I

Cheers Void!
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Listen to ‘Coloured Face’ by Lizzard:

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Listen to ‘Satta I’ by Lizzard:

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