U. U. Maddo – Teenager in Love [1989]

U. U. Madoo - Teenager in Love

Woah there Mr. Maddo, true she may well be a teenager, but you certainly don’t look like one. We hope you have checked her id and verified her actual age……..and isn’t there an age and height limit to get on those sort of fairground rides? Even that plastic horse seems to be howling in pain having to support the weight of a grown man.

Released in 1989 this is U.U. Maddo’s ‘Teenager in Love’ album. Released on the
Jamaazima record label, the artwork was done by the legendary Orville “Bagga” Case, whose distinctive album covers could be seen on a tonne of 1980s reggae releases (especially the newer digital productions).

This cover hasn’t really stood the test of time here though – it all looks a little ‘sinister’.

Track Listing:
A1 Teenager In Love
A2 Save The Last Dance
A3 Any Dasy Now
A4 Baby Dont Go
A5 Sad Music
B1 Venus
B2 Put Your Head On My Shoulder
B3 Let True Love Begin
B4 Upon The Roof

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Listen to Up On The Roof by U U Madoo:

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