Vybz Kartel – Pon Di Gaza

Vybz Kartel Pon Di Gaza 2

Vybz Kartel Pon Di Gaza

Vybz Kartel Pon Di Gaza 2

Pon Di Gaza Mi Sey

Rushing ourselves back to the present day with today’s post as we take a look at ‘Pon Di Gaza’ and ‘Pon Di Gaza 2.0′ and ‘Pon Di Gaza Mi Sey’.

Regardless of your personal opinion on Vybz Kartel and the recent Gaza Vs Gully fuss, you can’t ignore the guy and when he’s not acting up in his ‘Thug’ persona he comes across more as more articulate than many other Dancehall acts.

Vybz Kartel released ‘Pon Di Gaza’ late in 2009 as a digital download only, and we actually liked the rough and ready album cover and design (see top picture).

It had a distinctive Jamaican feel to it (complete with a friend getting his face in on the record sleeve in the background) and wasn’t especially derivative. However, the album sold poorly (rumour had it that 8 copies were downloaded in the first week), possibly due to Kartel seemingly releasing about 5 singles a week and saturating the reggae dancehall market. It was also released just before his popularity was at its all-time high.

So what happened? Vybz Kartel re-released the album in early 2010 as a download and CD, and replaced the original album cover with cover art that made it look like a US hip-hop or R&B album (see the second photo above).

The recent American-isation of dancehall is all too apparent in the new album art – from the fonts used, the treatment of the photo, the ‘2.0’ addition to the title, and the fact that it was turned into a double album.

We aren’t saying it’s total crap (it is still better than most modern Dancehall album art)- we just preferred the JA feel of the original and the fact that it stood out as being pretty different from most dancehall releases (even if he does look like a rejected extra from an episode of ‘Grange Hill’ directed by Quentin Tarantino).

Then in 2011, when Vybz Kartel was in prison awaiting trial for murder charges, Tad’s records released another updated version of the album with a slightly altered track listing (see 3rd image).

Which album art do you prefer?

Track Listing for “Pon Di Gaza” [original release, Sept 22nd 2009]:
1. Yeah Though I Walk
2. Ghetto Youth
3. Bail For Me
4. Best Baby Daddy
5. Broken Cry (Feat. Blak Ryno)
6. Can’t Frame Me
7. For Love
8. Love Of Money
9. Whine Up You Body
10. Get Wild
11. Love At First Sight
12. Like A Movie
13. The World Turns
14. Gaza Love
15. You A My Baby
16. Ramping Shop (Feat. Spice)
17. Life We Living
18. Versitility (Feat. Indu)
19. Video Recorder
20. Struggle
21. Tear Drops
22. Want My Weed

Track Listing for “Pon Di Gaza 2.0″ [re-release, Feb 26th 2010]:

Disc 1
1. You A Me Baby
2. Bicycle
3. Love Dem / Gallis Anthem
4. Gal A Weh Do You
5. Nah Let Go
6. Can’t Get Over Me
7. Dollar Sign
8. Something Ah Go Happen
9. Mr. Officer
10. Like A Movie
11. Go Go Club
12. Story Of My Life
13. Get Wild
14. Gwaan So
15. Love of Money
16. Gaza Thing A Ling
17. Romping Shop feat. Spice
18. Virginity feat. Gaza Indu
19. Come Breed Me feat. Gaza Indu
20. Mother In Law
21. Nuh Fraid A Nobody / Neva Scared
22. Without My Own
23. Last Man Standing

Disc 2
1. Careful feat. Stephen McGregor
2. Life We Living
3. Struggle
4. Marie
5. Mamma
6. Life Sweet
7. Wah Some Grades
8. Ghetto Youth
9. Yea Through I Walk
10. Bail For Me
11. Tear Drops
12. You Can’t Say
13. Come Back Home
14. Love At First Sight
15. Super Star feat. Black Rhyno
16. Dollars
17. Million Dollar By Morning
18. Video Recorder
19. Bun Fi Bun feat. Maxwell
20. The World Turns
21. Gaza Love
22. Bicycle (Radio Mix)
23. Free Style

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Listen to ‘Last Man Standing’ by Vybz Kartel:

Listen to ‘Yea Though I Walk’by Vybz Kartel:

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