Lively Body – Various Artists [1986]

Lively Body - Various Artists [1986]

Lively Body - Various Artists [1986]

This is another one rhythm excursion album. ‘Lively Body’ was released in 1986 on Music Master Records and was produce by Whitfield ‘Witty’ Henry.

The album artwork was created and design by Orville ‘Bagga’ Case. Got to admit, it isn’t as good as some of his other works and lacks his usual flair and kinetic style – still, nice touch on the ‘red, gold, and green’ leggings and legwarmers combination.

The album is a showcase for the “Lively Body” riddim, which was basically Whitfield ‘Witty’ Henry’s updated version of the Heavenless / Greetings riddim.

A1 Tony Tuff – Catch A Fire
A2 Nickademus – Ugly Gal
A3 Squidly Ranks – Donkey Rider
A4 T. Asher Brissett – Lively Melody
B1 Shelly Thunder – Funky Smelling Man
B2 King Everald – Hot Country Gal
B3 Peter Metro – Come A Daddy
B4 Teddy Brown – That Girl


Listen to ‘Ugly Gal’ by Nicodemus: