Stalag 17, 18 & 19 – Various Artists [1984]

Stalag 17 18 19 - Wilfred Limonius

Stalag 17 18 19 - Wilfred Limonius

Wilfred Limonious was an illustrator of many, many reggae album covers and almost all of them featured his distinctive cartoon style, often with scrawled text describing much of the action and adding more energy to his artwork.

This cover is arguably the most famous album cover credited to Wilfred Limonious – partly due to the massive riddim that the album gave a showcase to. The Stalag riddim was created by Winston Riley’s Techniques in the mid-1970s and was arguably made most famous in the 1980s by Tenor Saw with his track “Ring The Alarm”.

The Stalag riddim has gone on to be a dancehall staple and has been re-cut many times since its first release in 1985 – it’s got to be one of the most versioned riddim ever.

But anyway, back to the album art. This is a classic Wilfred Limonious cover and it shows the Technique Sound System busting the prison walls open. The text that is written on the Technique Speak Box reads “Yah Sound Tear Dung Prison Walls”

Between Wilfred Limonious and Orville Bagga Case some of the most striking and original album artwork was produced in the 80s and 90s……and well as some bad ones.

Stalag 17, 18 & 19 was released in 1985 and collects together 10 cuts of the Stalag riddim, the ‘wanted poster’ on the floor lists the names of all the artists featured on the album.

Track Listing:

  • Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm
  • Admiral Tibet – Trouble To Man
  • Little Kirk – What’s Love Got To Do
  • Little John – Look What You Have Done
  • Lloyd Hemmings – Raggamufin Soldier
  • Sugar Minott – Jah Jah Rule
  • Yami Bolo – When A Man In Love
  • Michael Prophet – Room Full
  • Brigadier Jerry – What Kind Of World
  • Techniques All Stars – Stalag 17

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Listen to ‘Ring The Alarm’ by Tenor Saw:

Listen to ‘Raggamuffin Soldier’ by Lloyd Hemmings:

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Sugar Minott – Buy Off The Bar [1984]

Sugar Minott - Buy Off The Bar

Sugar Minott was a big, big name when this 1984 album came out on Sonic Sounds and Power House Records.

Look at that stare – you know that you won’t be getting a beer from Mr Minott tonight. Maybe after he’d downed 10 of those 12 bottles he’s cradling, you’d have a better chance of grabbing one. The cover art is credited to Wilfred Limonious – Wilfred Limonious was a prolific illustrator of Jamaican albums in the 80s and 90s and was best known for his hand-drawn, cartoonish, and brightly coloured dancehall record sleeves.

We’ll be featuring loads more of his artwork as time goes on – click on the Wilfred Limonious category to see them all and watch the archive grow,

This is probably what passed for a ‘bling’ lifestyle in Jamaica in 1984, never mind Cristal champagne and Hennessy, Sugar would just march in and yell “Buy Off The Bar”. Anyone up for recreating this sleeve? Send photos in of you ‘buying off the bar’ and i’ll post them here, promise.

Playlist :

  • Buy Off The Bar – Bar Dub
  • Can’t Cross The Border – Border Dub
  • Frontline – Line Dub
  • Two Timer – Timer Dub
  • Strictly Sensi – Sensi Dub
  • Dread Upon Your Head – Dread Dub

This is a great Dancehall vocal album (and each track is accompanied by it dub mix) and is well worth adding to your collection.
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Listen to ‘Buy Off The Bar’ by Sugar Minott:

Listen to ‘Frontline’ by Sugar Minott:

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