Tapper Zukie - MPLA Virgin Frontline 1978

Tapper Zukie – M.P.L.A. [1976]

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Tapper Zukie - MPLA Virgin Frontline 1978

Two Tappa Zukie album covers for you here – the top one comes from the original 1976 release on Klik Records and the second one is the Virgin Frontline re-release from 1978.

This is a great example of how having the money and design resource of a major label (Virgin Frontline) doesn’t necessarily result in a better album cover. The 1976 original speaks volumes.

Produced by Bunny Lee and Tappa Zukie this is a deep and heavy slice of 1970s roots DJing.

Track Listing:
1 Pick up the rockers
2 M.P.L.A.
3 Don’t get crazy
4 Go de natty
5 Stop the gun shooting
6 Ital pot
7 Marcus
8 Chalice to chalice
9 Don’t deal with Babylon
10 Freedom

This is a killer DJ album and should be in any collection.

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Listen to ‘M.P.L.A’ by Tappa Zukie:

Listen to ‘Go De Natty’ by Tappa Zukie:

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