The Heptones - The Heptones (Studio One) - 1967

The Heptones – The Heptones (Studio One) – 1967

The Heptones - The Heptones (Studio One) - 1967

This is a special album and deserves a place in anyone’s collection.

The early Studio One album covers were usually joyous and uncynical affairs. Artists always looked thrilled to be recording an album and having their photo taken for the cover – Sunday best and church clothes were mandatory, as were big smiles. There was a cleanness about the design with the focus always on the artist; leafing though many of the original Studio One album covers are like browsing through someone’s old photograph album where photos were taken at special occasions and everyone was usually dressed up.

Anyway, enough of the dewy-eyed nostalgia.

This was the first album from The Heptones and it was released on Studio One records in 1967 and it was a huge rock-steady hit. The Heptones were one of the key groups who managed to transition successfully from the rock-steady era of the 60s into the roots reggae era of the 70s whilst still remaining an important and artistically creative force.

Produced by Coxsone Dodd it is packed full of classic hits. “Baby”, which is featured on this album, remains a personal favourite of ours and is a track that never fails to give us a lift no matter how many times we have played it.

It could also be argued that this album (as with many of the Studio One originals) also played a role in the emergence of DJ music and ultimately dancehall and rap. For example, would Dennis Alcapone’s ‘Baby Version’ have been as big a hit as it was if The Heptones track wasn’t such a solid tune to DJ over?

The Heptones (Studio One)
Track List:
1. Fattie Fattie
2. Why Must I
3. Only Sixteen
4. Mama
5. The Best Things In Life
6. Gee Wee
7. I’ve Got A Feeling
8. Tripe Girl
9. Baby
10. Let’s Fall In Love
11. Take A Tip From Me
12. Cry Baby Cry
13. Why Did You Leave [CD re-release]
14. Get In The Groove [CD re-release]

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