Tony Tuff – Presenting Mr. Tuff [1981]

Tony Tuff - Presenting Mr. Tuff

Tony Tuff - Presenting Mr. Tuff (back)

Don’t mess with Mr. Tuff. But if you do, then we are guessing that he’s right handed looking at the state of that glove – are you even allowed to box with driving gloves? Probably not, but Tony Tuff doesn’t give a fuck.

Mixed by Scientist and Barnabas, and produced by Sugar Minott, this album came out in 1981 on Black Roots records, and it’s a great vocal dancehall album. Tony Tuff is a great singer with a voice made for these early, heavy dancehall rhythms.

Great album cover.

Track Listing:

  • Born In The Ghetto
  • Try Our Best
  • Hold Me Tight
  • Kings Of Kings
  • Working Man Song
  • Rock Rock
  • Love And Unity
  • All Who Gone
  • Rocky Road
  • Groovy Situation

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This album is ‘Tuff’ to find now, but you can still get some classic Tony Tuff tunes from this time on various compilations.

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Listen to ‘Working Man Song’ by Tony Tuff:

Listen to ‘Born in the Ghetto’ by Tony Tuff: