Tough Guys In Dub

Tough Guys In Dub – Fatman Riddim Section [1979]

Tough Guys In Dub
Tough Guys in Dub
Jamaica has had a long drawn-out love affair with US film and TV tough guys and gangsters, and many reggae artists have named themselves after celluloid heroes and villains – from Josey Wales, Clint Eastwood, Lone Ranger, Charlie Chaplin, to name just a few.

The ‘Tough Guys in Dub’ album is a tribute to this affiliation with US cinema and TV ‘hard men’, and each of the tracks on this dub album are named after a famous character, such as ‘Elliott Ness’, ‘Kojak’, ‘Al Capone’ etc..And the artwork is a striking tribute featuring the likes of Humphry Bogart and Kojak.

This dub album was released in 1979 on Top Ranking Records, and was a collection of tracks by the Fatman Riddim Section – a session band that appeared on countless classic roots albums (Israel Vibration, Jacob Miller, and many more), and some of the members later became part of the more commercial reggae band ‘Inner Circle’.

Track List:

  • Humphry Bogart
  • Edward Robinson
  • Kojak
  • Elliott Ness
  • Lee J Cobb
  • Al Capone
  • Doc Holiday
  • George Raft
  • Mickey Spillane
  • Lee Marvin

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Hard to find this album, but there are plenty more heavy dubs from Fatman Riddim Section available for download.