tun it over 2

Tun It Over 2 – Bogle Meets Armstrong (1992)

tun it over 2

Released on Island/Mango Records in 1992 at the height of the ‘bogle’ craze, this is stripped down minimalist dancehall – which is saying something for a genre that can create songs out of next-to-no raw materials or funding.

This is really hard to find anywhere now, but I’d love to know the story behind this record and how some of the most uncommercial beats you’ll ever hear (even by dancehall’s standards) managed to get some major label exposure and support.

This album is quite a curiosity – dancehall was receiving zero major-label attention in the early 90s, and as mentioned earlier, this is not a commercial album. Any record exec should have been able to take one listen to this and realise instantly that it wasn’t going to make any real money or achieve any cross-over success. Not because it’s bad, but beacuse it is as raw as dancehall gets.

Not much info exists on the internet for this album, which i why I scanned my copy of the album artwork (if only to satisfy my OCD and autistic-type tendencies) – I wanted to at least have the most complete info page on the internet for this album.

Features some big hits from the time though; Terror Fabulous was probably the hottest DJ on the island when this came out.

The artwork is actually pretty nice too for a major-label dancehall release, and interestingly they’ve not tried to make a ‘commercial’ type album sleeve.

Track Listing:
1 Buju Banton – Bogle Dance
2 Terror Fabulous – Mr. Big Man
3 Top Cat – Bunn The Sensi
4 Poison Chang – Whe Yu Batty Deh
5 Terror Fabulous – No Retreat
6 Terry Ganzie – Who So Ever Will
7 Simpleton – Me Know You Now
8 Earl 16 – She Want My Love
9 Sugar Dee – Armstrong
10 General T.K. – Dem Wa War
11 Buju Banton – Big It Up
12 Daddy Screw – Turn On The Heat
13 Gospel Fish – A You Me Rate
14 General Pecus – Unnu Better Wait
15 Capleton – Stampede
16 Buju Banton – Bogle Dance (Re-Mix)
17 Barry Boom Feat. Nardo Ranks – Kissing You
18 Barry Boom – Kissing You
19 Wayne Wonder – Let’s Be Friend
20 Buju Banton – Certain Gal
21 General T.K. – Nu Trouble Me
22 Power Man – Own Big Woman

Executive Producer: Mikey Koos

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Listen to ‘Stampede’ by Capleton:

Listen to ‘Turn On The Heat’ by Daddy Screw: