U Roy - The Seven Gold

U Roy – The Seven Gold

U Roy - The Seven Gold

U Roy - The Seven Gold rear cover

U Roy - The Seven Gold rear cover close up

This was produced by Prince Jazzbo with a published date of 1993 on the inner label – it is on Jazzbo’s own Ujama label. Don’t really know much else about this release, can’t even remember when or where I bought it.

The front cover is pretty average, albeit striking, but we really like the rear of the album sleeve. It shows U Roy strutting his stuff on stage in a silver suit with a guy next to him who is either just stepping up with one leg on the stage (while dancing) or both his legs are already on the stage and he’s a midget (the photo is too grainy to tell).

Either way, it’s all very David Lynch – a man in a silver suit dancing on a stage with a midget in a bowler hat.

The album is littered with spelling errors (from the label to the sleeve) so I’ve left the track listing as it appears on the actual record.

Prince Jazzbo put out some amazing records as a producer, but he also put out some real rubbish too – unfortunately this albums falls in the latter category.

Engineered by Paul Davidson at Creative Sound Studios.
Released on Ujama Records

Track Listing:

  • I Feel Good
  • WaterBoot
  • Holo Glow
  • Jah Jah Call You
  • Warn Them Now
  • Musickal Addick

Some of the tracks from this album were released on a later release called Music Addict

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Listen to Music Addict by U Roy:

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You won’t find the actual ‘The Seven Gold’ album anywhere now, but you will find the tracks on an extended release called Music Addict: