Uglyman Vs Little John - Dancehall Clash

Uglyman Vs Little John – Dancehall Clash [1986]

Uglyman Vs Little John - Dancehall Clash

Produced by Harry J and released on his own label in 1983, this is another entry into the hugely popular ‘DJ confrontation’ album format – which typically saw two popular DJs dropping 5 tracks each on one album (see Yellowman Vs Josey Wales – Two Giants Clash as another example of the genre).

Little John went on to become a popular name in the dancehall and recorded a number of successful vocal dancehall albums; Uglyman however had less success – he was more popular as a live entertainer on sound systems than a recording artist and didn’t produce many albums or singles. Uglyman remains fondly regarded amongst early reggae dancehall trainspotters.

This is a great album and the amateurish album artwork weirdly works well (at least in our opinion, we’ve seen worse anyway).

Track Listing:

  • Little John – Inna De Dance
  • Little John – Wah Come Rule I
  • Little John – Trembling Style
  • Little John – Experience Lover
  • Little John – Too Labba Laba
  • Uglyman – We A Sample
  • Uglyman – Donkey Ride
  • Uglyman – See Duppy Deh
  • Uglyman – Fix The Stag-A-Lag
  • Uglyman – Don’t Mix We Up

Listen To It
Listen to Donkey Ride by Uglyman:

Listen to ‘See Duppy Deh’ by Uglyman:

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