[Video] Roger Steffens Reggae Record Archive

This is an incredible video showing Roger Steffan’s incredible collection of reggae records and memorabilia.

If you don’t know who Roger Steffens is then we’ll tell you. In short, Roger Steffens is an individual who has been deeply involved in the reggae industry for many years and has served various roles – from being a DJ on KCRW 89.9, to being an author and writer on reggae history, he has written linear notes for a whole host of album covers and and is currently the chairman of the Reggae Grammy committee.

Roger Steffens also devotes six rooms of his home in Los Angeles to house his vast collection of reggae records (he has the world’s largest collection of Bob Marley material) and is well known for his ‘open-door’ policy and provides tours on a regular basis.

Which brings us neatly to this video that records one of his tours that he recently gave of his archives. This video is focused on his Bob Marley material, and it gives a great taste of the wealth of treasures that must exist in his collection.

Roger Steffens’ Reggae Archives from Babylon Falling on Vimeo.

  • ariff